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 Stefan M. Lindgren, 34, Lawyer, Armie Hammer
frankie posted Mar 5 2018, 02:18 PM
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frankie's triggersNo written triggers - visually triggered by self-harm.
I'm currently going through a bit of a transition period in my life, so I won't be around 24/7, but I'm super stoked to write with everyone! Feel free to throw any ideas my way!
S. M. Lindgren
— With briefcases towing the line.

BIRTH NAME: Stefan Mikael Lindgren
BIRTHDATE | AGE: March 21st, 1984 | 34
HEIGHT | WEIGHT: 6'5" | 210lbs
LANGUAGES: English, Swedish (Limited)
Camping, long weekends, quiet evenings, smooth drinks, winning a big case, rainy mornings, anything historical, a good Swedish breakfast.

People who are worse of a workaholic than he is, sweetened coffee, delays, being late in general, public displays of affection, margarine, revealing things about his personal life, asking for help.

Getting so lost in his own thoughts that he sometimes forgets to answer someone, picks at the edges of his nails under his desk when stressed, looking angry or judgemental when in thought, combing his fingers through his hair, scratching parts of his face with the back of his thumb, being a bit too uptight.

Colour: Blue
Food: Steak--- meat
Drink: Any kind of whiskey, really.
Movie: Casablanca
Book: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
Hobby: Camping, wood-working, reading
Sport: Lacrosse
Music: Modern Composition


Stefan Lindgren was born into a family of professionals: his mother being a doctor, and his father, a high-profile lawyer. And of course, with a combination of genes and environment, he would begin to take on their strong worth ethic and ambitious attitudes from a young age. From taking charge in school projects to eventually running for (and winning) class president in high school, alongside earning nearly every badge the Boy Scouts possibly had to offer—he always knew what he wanted and would do and say anything he could to achieve it. But even then amongst all of his socializing, Stefan had mostly kept to himself aside from the small group of friends his parents had more or less forced on him.

When his university years came around, Stefan gladly followed in his father's footsteps by working his way up and into law school where he, naturally, graduated at one of the top places in his class. Immediately after, he began to practice at his father's firm, taking on high-profile clients alongside him as well as several of his own. Just as it typically is when someone is more or less bred into a line of work, Stefan was good at it—great, even. Even with him being so young, it was rare that he'd lose a case, and even when he did, he was quick to bounce back. Clients began to pour in even without recommendations, and shortly, he was rubbing elbows with political figures, wealthy socialites, and even the occasional celebrity.

Since then, he's gained his own reputation rather than being continuously associated with his father and his work. Stefan is revered for not only his competence, but his charisma and strong presence in the court room. When he somehow manages to pry himself away from the office, he can mainly be found doing some sort of outdoor activity, spending time alone, or having the occasional drink with those he considers to be his friends.


- Driven - Resourceful - Articulate - Decisive - Adventurous - Responsible - Dedicated - Disciplined - Cold - Strong - Educated - Secretive - Open-minded - Perceptive - Rational - Stoic -

Although he swallows down a lot of his introspective thoughts and emotions regarding this topic, there's no denying that Stefan struggles to understand who he truly is. Beyond his cold and stoic exterior lies a man with a warm heart who thirsts for adventure and validation. He is incredibly dedicated and loyal, perhaps even to a fault, seeing as it's his strong sense of loyalty towards his father (coupled with a few dashes of anxiety) that keeps him from being himself, from being truly happy--whatever that even means. The majority of his outward personality has been forced upon him from an early age. Only those who are able to get through his many layers and walls will be able to see Stefan for who he truly is.


Despite all of his various and plentiful acquaintances, Stefan is the type to only have a few close friends— his definition of close meaning people he can have a few drinks or go camping or hiking with. He's not really the type to open up to anyone about anything too deep, or even ask for advice. This isn't due to a lack of trust or anything of the sort, it's just that he simply doesn't feel the need as he tends to process things internally. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't value those close friends! He enjoys their conversations and would be there for them in a heartbeat, and due to his partially silent nature, he's a particularly good listener.


Stefan isn't really an enemies kind of guy. He's not the type to dislike someone past the point of mild annoyance. Truthfully, he feels indifferent to most people that he doesn't like. He'd rather not waste his time when he has so many other more important things to do.

He probably (definitely) has people who see him as an enemy though. He's won several trivial cases over the years (that he probably shouldn't have won). This, in combination with his somewhat cold and calculated exterior, could have pissed several people off. His father is also very cut-throat in comparison to him, so some of someone's hatred towards his father may have trickled down to him.


Although he's not open about his personal—or love life, for that matter—Stefan does take a selective (or so he believes) interest in other men. It may not seem like it from an outsider's perspective, but he's incredibly open-minded in this regard as well.

As far as relationships are concerned, it's safe to say that Stefan isn't a stranger to occasional (and incredibly private) flings. He's not really a one-night-stand type guy; he needs to feel a little more of a deeper romantic connection with someone before jumping into bed with them. If he were to finally settle down with someone however, they would definitely have to pique his interest both intellectually and emotionally. Ideally, he or she would be someone who shares his hobbies and interests and can put up with his—for the most part—lack of displays of public affection (or lack of public displays of emotion for that matter). Though with the right individual, I can see him slowly opening up in this regard as he becomes more comfortable in his own skin.

In private, just as he is with his friends, he can be a very bright and attentive individual, showering people with dazzling grins, witty jokes, warm glances, and hearty laughter.

Stefan is currently falling head over heels for MILO D'ABOVILLE.
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